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The Heartland Steel Guitar Festival was held August 6-7, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Northeast in Kansas City. Some of the top steel guitar players in the Midwest were on the program.
Frankie KayTheresa Kaat-Wohlert, Frankie Kay, & Roger HurstTheresa Kaat-Wohlert & Frankie KayFrankie KayBill & Betty Jobes with Theresa Kaat-WohlertBill & Betty Jobes with Roger HurstJim Mathis, Bob Kaat-Wohlert and Theresa Kaat-WohlertTerry BethelCarol Hurst and Carla WeverAustin StewartTerry BethelAustin StewartTheresa Kaat-WohlertKevin JonesByron JonesElijah ChastainChasity JonesDan HatfieldElijah ChastainRuss Wever